The talented Willow Creek quilters use their sewing skills to supply beautiful quilts for missions, high school graduates and when children are baptized. Gathering in the church basement on Mondays, they share stories, laughter, and sometimes tears, while supporting their church family, community and world. Their quilts have been sent to local charities to enrich the lives of veterans, the homeless, displaced families, individuals recovering from addictions, and our Native American outreach location at Horse Creek, SD.

As the young women and men graduate from high school, the quilters work to create a unique quilt for each graduate that reminds them of the promise made at their baptism that Willow Creek Lutheran will continue to hold them in prayer as they start a new chapter their new lives. In addition, the group makes a baby quilt for each child in commemoration of their baptism and presents it to them on their special day.

In 2015, 159 quilts were made and given away.  Since the beginning of the group is 2007, 1557 quilts have been given away.

The laughter and friendship that grows from the quilters group is an open invitation to anyone who would like to join with this compassionate mission work.

Graduation Quilts

Graduation Quilts