Women of the ELCA

The Women of Willow Creek have a long-standing tradition of working together to accomplish small and big things.  They began their work in 1885 by raising money to purchase the bell for the church building that was under construction. The bell has been and still is a great presence at Willow Creek as it peals across the hills of the Big Sioux River calling all to worship.  This undying gift of the women working together still carries on today. The world-wide church, local church, and community has been blessed many times over with the money that the women have raised.

The making and serving of food has always been the backbone of the women’s effort. This began with congregational dinners, lutefisk suppers, and community suppers. For the past 5 years the congregation has made thousands of cookies for a community cookie walk. One of the traditions that has prevailed with the Norwegian heritage of this church, is coming together to make and sell the Norwegian delicacy, lefse. This heirloom recipe and the ability to perfect lefse have been handed down and are highly treasured by the whole congregation. The secret art to making this and other Norwegian goodies is actively passed to every generation through all ages working together. In 2015, 600 rounds of lefse were made and later sold at the yearly Cookie Walk.